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Friday, February 26, 2010


I’m a dead letter,
Thrown in the mail with no destination,
No one to greet.

The world’s a theater, half empty.
I’m a ventriloquist's doll, thought to be
the magician’s assistant—on me
(manacled, fettered, locked in a box)
he practices fake levitations
and similar feats.

The world’s a Lost-and-Found
full of old watches and shoes and keys without locks.
I look around—
and I find
I’m lost.

The world’s an old carrousel
in an abandoned amusement park.
I’m a unicorn nailed to a pole,
a tiger impaled on a post,
in the dark.

The world’s an old burial ground.
All day people come and go,
come and stay
to pray before angels of stone.
The angels are looking away.
Me they don't see; I’m going,
I’m light, I’m disappearing,
I’m a ghost.


Carrousel from http://dailyphotoparis.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html
Angel from http://www.fotopedia.com/wiki/Angel#!/items/egcedflhitn88-AvK0331soFA